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"A Slice of Heaven Wrapped in Foil"


New Store Hours

We are now open from:
Monday – Thursday
8am to Midnight
8am to 1am
9am to 1am
11am to Midnight

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Word on the Street!

Natasha Chase

Natasha Chase

“G&D pizza is uhhhhhhhh-mazing….Whenever I go to Cadillac I make it a point to get some pizza. The staff working always is friendly, seriously pizza slices for 99 cents, you can not beat that price… I love all the random/creative varieties there are to choose from, however my favorite will always be the classic pepperoni. I love the fact that I can get cans of pop that have been sitting on ice all day so its super cold and crisp. The no bakes are awesome too. I wish there was a G&D in Reed City, I know of quite a few people who would be pretty excited for that.”

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